Dr. Ron Kapp is a practicing physician specializing in wellness, longevity & optimal brain performance.  He has more than 30 years in the clinical practice of medicine.  He is now offering an On-Line Program that is based on scientific principles that promote health.  The Bredesen Protocol forms the starting foundation of his analysis on the current health of his clients.  His unique talent is coaching his clients into new wellness habits through the process of behavior modification.  The result is an improved health-span and an enhanced life-span for his clients.  

                                                  HOW IT WORKS

Step 1 - Contact Dr. Kapp for a Free 15-minute On-Line consultation

Step 2 - Enroll via www.apollohealthco.com for your ReCODE Testing 

Step 3 - Schedule your Personal On-Line Consultation with Dr. Kapp

Step 4 - Begin your Journey to wellness, longevity & optimal brain performance