Hi, I'm Ron Kapp, physician and bio-gerontologist who studies and treats Aging {why we age} and Brain Wellness {Why our brains fail us as we age}.   
Our medical world is undergoing a scientific revolution in "turning back the human clock" and unraveling the mystery of why we age and get sick.  
Your Brain Health determines everything - it's no longer the great mystery of yesterday.  Total body wellness is brain wellness. 
We begin to age the day we are born.  Some people age faster than others - the question is WHY?  Maintaining our health & wellness is the ultimate goal.  Living for more than 100 "healthy Years" is now possible.  But what good is it without brain wellness - Alzheimer's Disease is the 3rd leading cause of death, and increasing exponentially every year!  That disease process starts in your 20s.  

Dr. Kapp offers On-Line Access to the Bredesen Protocol (in addition to his office-based practice).

Dr. Kapp is certified in the ReCODE Protocol for reversing chronic disease; specializing in early onset Alzheimer's, cognitive decline, and optimization of brain function for all.

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This site is for educational purposes only.   This is a "coaching site only." 

Physician, author and research trailblazer, Dr. Ron sees aging as a treatable medical condition,

not an unavoidable fate.

Dr. Kapp is the Longevity Pioneer

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