Hi, I'm Ron Kapp, physician and bio-gerontologist who studies and treats Aging {why we age} and Brain Wellness {Why our brains fail us as we age}.   
Our medical world is undergoing a scientific revolution in "turning back the human clock" and unraveling the mystery of why we age and get sick.  
Your Brain Health determines everything - it's no longer the great mystery of yesterday.  Total body wellness is brain wellness. 
We begin to age the day we are born.  Some people age faster than others - the question is WHY?  Maintaining our health & wellness is the ultimate goal.  Living for more than 100 "healthy Years" is now possible.  But what good is it without brain wellness - Alzheimer's Disease is the 3rd leading cause of death, and increasing exponentially every year!  That disease process starts in your 20s.  

Dr. Kapp offers On-Line Access to the Bredesen Protocol (in addition to his office-based practice).

Dr. Kapp is certified in the ReCODE Protocol for reversing chronic disease; specializing in early onset Alzheimer's, cognitive decline, and optimization of brain function for all.

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This site is for educational purposes only.   This is a "coaching site only." 

Physician Ronald Kapp offers an On-Line Virtual Tele-Wellness, Longevity and Optimal Brain Performance coaching service.  

For over 30 years, Ron practiced clinical medicine as an emergency room doctor and has treated every pathologic form of disease imaginable.  Wanting to intervene earlier in the disease process, Ron transitioned several years ago to preventive medicine as a way to extend both healthspan and lifespan. 

He is currently focused on guiding his clients on a journey to Optimal Brain Performance by using the proven science of The Bredesen Protocol.


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    Prevent and Reverse Brain Decline

  • Ron and his team get excellent results.
  • Improved wellness, enhanced longevity, optimal brain performance.
  • Personalized lifestyle plan, based on science.
  • Aging is a disease to be beaten - that is done with proven science education & patient empowerment.
  • Rest easy knowing you have taken your first step on a journey that will last the rest of your life.